Wednesday, November 17, 2004

response to game feedback.

i think that more inventory in rooms that is needed is really great.
so you have to figure out for yourself what objects are more important that others and choose accordingly
i think we will allow alot of areas to explore which will offer subplots to the game but still close enough to it to make it valuable to the entire story. and perhaps areas with really weird characters to interact with or watch.
me and leo are still dealing with how to make this less of just an interactive narrative and one of the things that will help us is gaining better knowledge of how to use the program which is coming along nicely but im still stumped about ccertain aspects.
so more or less all this feedback is very valuable to us and we will do our best to make it as much of a game as possible.
through inventory management
through setting exloration
through missions....

ok byebye

eliots sfai balance challenge

all in all eliots game seems like a really good idea
what needs to happen though
that the race needs to be alot more clear
and the tests
need to be alot less hard
3 digit multiplication WHO DO YOU THINK I AM MAN?
my suggestions are lots of players not just two.
i think you really need to work on the racing . i think thats the funnest part about it and it needs to be a fucking extravanganza race allover the place.
itd be great if you could get the security to let us skate all over school cos then there could be riding down the ramp and like running up all the stairs and riding on th roof.
i think the testss need to be thought out more and make it challenging but fun for the players
maybe it shouldnt just be these academic tests maybe it could be really random stuff
bobbing for apples... i know thats a really bad example but other physical stuff might be really intersting...
maybe trying to get things while your riding?
so the prototype was alright...
lot more developing seems to be needed.
more crazy skateboards!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2004


im REALLY sorry about the late everything blogger doesnt like my computer. i forgot completly about emailing..
blahblah excuses excuses.
i choose Katies game from wednesday i dont remember what its called but it should be called
my main isssues with this game is that the core mechanic of this game (making people smile) is more of a lifestyle rather than something to make into a game (although it could be if ALOT was added to it)... i think its really silly to turn it into converting zombies... its just a way to cover up and/or make people feel more comfortable about making people smile (which i guess is kind of necessary for certain people.. but they need to MAN UP)
It really didnt seem that Katie was too interested in peoples suggestions (i think... sorry if im wrong) about making it more into a "game" i think thats good because this really doesnt seem necessary as a "game" its really just something we all need to practice more often
as cheesy as that maybe... i like it . and its definetly something that crosses my mind every couple a days...
the game she showed us was very simple.. so simple i guess it wasnt even a game yet in somepeopeles opinion...
so my conclusion about it is that it isnt necessary as a game, we shouldnt have to cover it up as a game so that people will do it.
I have no real suggestions except... if you want this to be your GAME your going to have to take into account peeeoples suggestions (which i cant remember...)... and make it more gamey... more complicated.... COMPLICATIONS RROOOOWRRR!

the end

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I choose Kwan Soo's 3D twister
Its a 3D twister. So im guessing the final will be a box.
It fits into that "im making new friends!" type of category. social game....
Verbs I would use to describe the core mechanic are :
not falling
keeping still
adjectives for my gaming experience would be
the perfect mix!
The only thing missing from the prototype is an actual fully functionnal 3D twister box. It can definitely be considered a game as is.
The best develope formal game element is the rules constraining the player behavior.
Thats what twister is all about. The struggle of getting in and out of these wacky
Rules are 10/10. Everybody gets the twister rules.
You could definitely develop strategies, as far as where you put your hand and where other players will and getting them in uncomfortable positions and keeping yourself out of them..
The gaming experience was what i expected . Im really curious to see what willhapeen if each space has a nob to hang from ...
The final needs to have things to hang from on the ceiling and nobs to hold on to on the walls . that is all.

this game could be pretty epic.