Monday, October 18, 2004

jon stewart is the man

ok emergent play.
so if my final project is gonna an old school video game.
i can take any lucasarts game really...
emergent play that happens with those types of games :
comics.. kids will take characters from day of the tentacle..monkeyisland... neverhood.... and make new adventures for them. the reason i think this happens is because all those games have a large emphasis on the artwork in the game.. and its 2d anyways...
kids are always.. cheating?
some of those games are really hard .. i remember getting a cheat book for like... full throttle or something (i know .. im a loser)
thats not really emergent play..
forget it.
thats all really for those old school type of games...
obviously with games like half life... or never winternights... kids can make there own mods and blahblah.. because its not too hard for them and they like the purdy graphics...

Monday, October 11, 2004

my front tooth is bruised

i think it would be really great to make a video game out of Iron Chef.
Imagine this!
a crazy new controller that allows you to make the same types of moves the chef would do... so like chopping and stirring and chopping and mashing and other cooking stuff.
now that would be an ill core mechanic
and youd have to do it all in a certain time .
its like all those stupid games where you smash buttons to go faster but instead your like chopping and stirring and chopping and mashing and other cooking stuff
and youcould make it a one on one multiplayer championship and the winner would get food catered to his housE! BY AN IRON CHEF!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


this THURSDAY at 9PM on PBS

this an excellent documentary on video games .
everyone check it out!

Monday, October 04, 2004

late again.

i like the pc game . the neverhood.
it was released in 96
everything in it was made out of clay.
it was probably the most stylish game i had come across since the last lucarts game ...
that is probably the main reason i liked it so much. is the fact that it was so fun too look at... i remember spending alot of time drawing the main character in little comics... and i designed this whole project around how these people had made their world. meaning. i built this miniature house out of wood . andd heated color clay til it melted, then proceeded to put all over the house.
they did this in the neverhood to design their landscapes and houses...
i hope i explained that alrighht. im kinda out of it.
umm so it was really fun to watch it.
it also has really great music. which was a plus.
and the story was pretty interesting and really funny.
these are the things which attract me to a pc game. a more engaging story is always a plus. and probably the one disapointing thing about this game and which is something i like alot in games is really good game play.
the neverhood was disapointing in that aspect because it was alot of puzzle solving and navigating around doing one move interactions with things...but it looked so good!
i think thats enough with that.
im making a game with leo in which we utilize an old game designing progam like the one used in the old lucasarts games.
i think the way were going to do it though is take photos of the backgrounds and characters rather than draw them with a shitty paint program.
ill report baj=ck later

Saturday, October 02, 2004

i have come to the conclusion

that 9/11 was a set up.
i just watched this show on the public access chanel.
and let me tell you.
a plane did not crash into the pentagon.
a little missile plane thing did!
this shit is crazy. the shows still going on.
ill report back later.