Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I choose Kwan Soo's 3D twister
Its a 3D twister. So im guessing the final will be a box.
It fits into that "im making new friends!" type of category. social game....
Verbs I would use to describe the core mechanic are :
not falling
keeping still
adjectives for my gaming experience would be
the perfect mix!
The only thing missing from the prototype is an actual fully functionnal 3D twister box. It can definitely be considered a game as is.
The best develope formal game element is the rules constraining the player behavior.
Thats what twister is all about. The struggle of getting in and out of these wacky
Rules are 10/10. Everybody gets the twister rules.
You could definitely develop strategies, as far as where you put your hand and where other players will and getting them in uncomfortable positions and keeping yourself out of them..
The gaming experience was what i expected . Im really curious to see what willhapeen if each space has a nob to hang from ...
The final needs to have things to hang from on the ceiling and nobs to hold on to on the walls . that is all.

this game could be pretty epic.


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