Wednesday, November 17, 2004

eliots sfai balance challenge

all in all eliots game seems like a really good idea
what needs to happen though
that the race needs to be alot more clear
and the tests
need to be alot less hard
3 digit multiplication WHO DO YOU THINK I AM MAN?
my suggestions are lots of players not just two.
i think you really need to work on the racing . i think thats the funnest part about it and it needs to be a fucking extravanganza race allover the place.
itd be great if you could get the security to let us skate all over school cos then there could be riding down the ramp and like running up all the stairs and riding on th roof.
i think the testss need to be thought out more and make it challenging but fun for the players
maybe it shouldnt just be these academic tests maybe it could be really random stuff
bobbing for apples... i know thats a really bad example but other physical stuff might be really intersting...
maybe trying to get things while your riding?
so the prototype was alright...
lot more developing seems to be needed.
more crazy skateboards!!!!!


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